Young Adult Program

Workshops for young adults

Special Guests, Discussions, Education and Career Guidance

Life is beautiful, each part and each decade of our existence has its share of joys, difficulties, successes, disappointments, etc. Entering adulthood is a time of strength, ardor, questioning, and above all, of difficult choices.

Many young adults don't see a door, just a wall of insurmountable responsibilities and a long-term effort. Others, on the other hand, push the door open with a suitcase full of dreams to realize, full of challenges to face. There are of course those who go with the flow, they trace their paths without judging themselves too much or gauging themselves too much.

Community input is essential to youth development. The cultural ties that bind a community together give credibility to the experience and life stories of those involved, giving them the legitimacy and sensitivity to address certain topics without being seen as haughty or condescending to the youth.

The most important thing is that each young person draws from these meetings what he or she needs to build his or her own story, so that he or she can orient himself or herself and even ask for help and support in complete confidence.

The evenings for young men are held under invitations from the registered youth.

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