Our Pedagogy

Arabic language courses for children and teenagers

At LREC Arabic School, we always try to adapt the content of the teaching material to the students and not the other way around. We will look for the best answer taking into account the background, experience and immediate social environment of our children.

The teaching is programmed by levels and not by school year, the student is in an environment in which he can always progress.

Levels offered this year:

Pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, 1,2,3 and 4.

We also offer a drop-in class for older beginners.

Mr. Elias' class, young teens, a nice melting pot of Arabic skills, nice atmosphere. Learning is done through different workshops, including cultural and historical vignettes.

We therefore deploy modern teaching strategies:

  • Diversify classroom practices by using the 5 senses. Don't be surprised if we take the children to a park or a woodland. We can do a workshop in the kitchen or have them make a short film. All in Arabic of course.
  • Motivate by addressing different types of intelligence. An approach that is not entirely personalized, but that takes into account the specificity of certain students

Learning through games and songs for children

Learning through a series of projects with older children

Emphasis on conversation

Educational Workshops: Reading, Writing and Oral Communication

Use of the best textbooks available and adapted, of course, to children living in the West.

Technological tools

Always anxious to offer the best to our children, the Center has equipped all its classrooms with Interactive Whiteboards similar to those in schools, a way to combine the effectiveness of traditional teaching with new technologies in the transmission of knowledge.

We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone.

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