Day camp rates

New: 13-14 year old group

  • 60.00 per week
  • For ages 12 and under:

  • 125.00 per week for the first child
  • 100.00 per week for the second child
  • 90.00 per week for each additional child.
  • 30.00 per week per child for daycare.

Mandatory T-shirt $15.00 for a registration of 3 weeks or less.

2 free T-shirts will be provided for any registration of 4 weeks or more.

We require 48 hours notice of registration before your child starts camp with us.

Debit or credit card

  • Interac Transfer, on behalf of LREC ,
  • By series of post-dated checks.
  • Cash, directly to the center,
  • please come by our office located at 1170 Curé Labelle, Laval, Qc. H7V-2V5, suite 110 (2nd floor)

We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone.

We are hiring / Volunteering