LREC Camp Rules

Please read carefully, a printed copy will be given to you for signature on the first day of camp

1. Camp Life Code LREC


  • Wear the camp T-shirt at all times
  • Wearing a cap
  • Water bottle
  • Bring backpack for all personal belongings
  • Swimsuit in the bag at all times
  • Towel in the bag
  • Sunscreen in the bag, applied once before arriving at the camp.
  • Wear decent clothing that is appropriate for day camp activities
  • On the first day of camp, leave a change of clothes well packed and identified.
  • Bring healthy cold meals (lunches), a hot meal should be put in a Thermos.
  • Two healthy snacks

Respect for others

  • Participates positively and actively in activities;
  • Respect the Sanitary instructions
  • Demonstrates respect for all persons attending the day camp (children, parents, counselors, coordinators, managers);
  • Do not destroy, break or damage the property of others;
  • Respect the instructions of all responsible persons during the outings;
  • Do not bring personal items such as cell phones, mp3 players, video games, pets, etc;
  • Leave the day camp site only when authorized by the counselor;
  • Uses polite and respectful language and gestures;
  • Establishes respectful and honest communication.
  • Respects the environment
  • Do not destroy, break or damage day camp equipment or the environment;
  • Do not leave trash or personal belongings lying around;
  • Keeps the premises clean and in good repair.

2. Arrivals, departures, delays and absences

In case of absence or delay, please call us or leave a text message at (450)934-3313 before camp hours.

You must leave your name, the child's name and the day of his/her absence.

Arrival at the Camp

Each day, you must ensure that your child is picked up by his/her counselor or camp leader before leaving.

Departure from Camp

A child with permission to leave camp alone may do so after 4:00 pm. Written permission must be sent to the camp director for a child to leave early. When the parent picks up his or her child, he or she must notify the counselor before leaving with the child.

For the safety of your children, the day camp reserves the right to ask for identification from the person picking up the child. Only persons authorized to pick up your child will be allowed to do so.

Written permission from a parent or guardian is required in the event that an individual not on the list of people authorized to leave with the child will be responsible for picking up the child at camp. This authorization must be given to the camp director by the parent or guardian.

However, if it is an emergency, a telephone authorization will be accepted after verification of certain personal data. However, if it is an emergency, a telephone authorization will be accepted after verification of certain personal data.

3. Children's Conduct and Breach of Code

In order for your children to have a great summer at day camp, we must have certain rules. Respect is important to everyone and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. No verbal, physical or gestural abuse of children or camp staff is tolerated.

The day camp operates on a system of verbal warnings, followed by written warnings for any breach of the rules.

The following are examples of breaches of the Code of Life:

  • Violence
  • Impoliteness
  • Unacceptable language
  • Launching objects
  • Bite of others
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Unacceptable conduct
  • Refusal to comply with instructions
  • Prohibited items
  • Lack of participation

Leaving the camp without permission System of disciplinary measures:

Step A: Communication to the child

The child will be given up to 3 verbal warnings by the instructor, depending on the severity of the act. Violations will be noted.

Step B: Communication to parents and child

At the third verbal warning, the parents will be informed by the instructor of the violations of the rules. Together, the parents and the instructor will try to find a solution to the bad behavior.

Step C: Communication to parents
  1. If violations of the code of conduct persist, the camp leader will issue a warning to the parents. In addition, the child will be suspended from camp for one outing or one day of camp.
  2. If the violations of the code of life persist again, the camp leader will call the parents and the child will be expelled from camp for the rest of the summer.
There is no refund of camp fees for a child suspended or expelled from camp.

4. Vandalisme

Vandalism is unacceptable :

  • Bus
  • Municipal or corporate facilities
  • Swimming pool facilities
  • Animation material.

Any act of vandalism requiring compensation will be billed to the parent or guardian of the child who caused the damage.

The LREC Day Camp is therefore not responsible for any acts of vandalism by children.

5. Cancellation or changes to the registration

A fee of $25 per child will apply for each change or cancellation made without 5 business days notice.

There are no refunds for days when your child is absent, sick or not present.

6. Communication

The counsellors are in charge of leading and organizing the activities for a group and cannot answer the phone. You will understand that it is not possible to call the day camp to talk to the counselor during the day.

To reach the office, contact us at (450) 934-3313 someone is available all day. We will contact you upon receipt of the message.
All communication can be done as well via email at

Thank you for your collaboration and happy summer among us!

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