Arabe 2022

The Arabic language has witnessed several centuries of human history, it has seen and rubbed shoulders with many civilizations, from the eastern territories to the West.

This language has been enriched over time, it has acquired a very large vocabulary and a rhythm that gives it an incredible fluidity and beauty.

Les arabes de la péninsule arabique en ont fait l’outil d’expression verbale le plus précis et le plus éloquent de leur ère. L’art oratoire et la poésie étaient devenus ainsi des devises de grandeur et de magnificence.

The Qur'an has given the Arabic language an even nobler status, it has also given it strength, accuracy and a new rhythm that thrills not only the eardrums of fine linguists, but hearts and souls too.

Centre LREC wants to introduce children to this linguistic treasure and allow them to acquire a good base and to have the desire to continue even further.

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