Context and environment:

The LREC Centre is a non-profit organization based in the Chomedey district of Laval, a dense, dynamic neighbourhood with a high proportion of immigrant children.

The period of adaptation and integration of immigrant families varies greatly depending on the obstacles encountered, be they economic, linguistic, cultural, professional or other. This period is critical, especially for children and adolescents. As a result, community support becomes an inescapable necessity.


Some young people cannot reach their average or full potential, their parents alone often lack the resources to get them there.

Many youth, primarily at the high school level, do not value education and are at high risk of dropping out.

Constant increase in youth violence accompanied by deviant, delinquent and even criminal behavior.

The prevention of youth crime is now an essential tool for reducing real crime and providing the population with safer living environments that respect the rights and freedoms of individuals.

Mission of the LREC Center

The role of our team is to form a strong community link for the youth of our city and to support, as much as possible, the parents in the global development of their children.

Emphasis is placed on several determinants of school retention, which in itself is part of our preventive approach to fighting youth crime.

At the LREC Center, we target balance in youth through accompaniment on several axes: strengthening identity, sense of belonging, inclusion and full integration into the host society.

For these purposes, we mainly value education, culture, sports and leisure.

Our values

The well-being of children, inclusion, respect, honesty, tolerance, innovation and always looking forward.

Our team is always happy to establish mutual aid links with other organizations. The goal is to offer young Laval residents new alternatives where their special needs are understood and their potential is fully revealed.

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